Monday, October 29, 2012

Connected, Like It Or Not

Quoting from D.A. Carson in his book, Scandalous:

“I suspect that if I were not a Christian, I would not spend a lot of time seeking out people who are very different from me.  I like people who are like me. But if this gospel is important to me and important to you, then we will discover that we have links with the strangest people all over the world.  Part of my job takes me to country after country.  I have come to know brothers and sisters in Christ in many dozens of different ethnicities.  This gospel, this righteousness from God, is for those who trust Christ – for ALL who trust Christ,, for ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God.  Those deep commonalities must transcend our personal tastes in music, food, clothing style, economic status, sense of humor, intellectual interest, diverse national histories, and the like.  Equally, it must drive our evangelism.  Does not Jesus himself teach in the Sermon on the Mount that any pagan can find friends among people who are like him, but it takes the grace of God to transcend those kinds of limitations?”  (emphases added)

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