Monday, November 25, 2013

Growth In Church

Now matter how busy or bustling a congregation might seem, the heart of the matter is individual growth in Christ. It is the priority.
Whatever other signs of life and growth we might look for in our congregations - involvement, activities, newcomers, finances, number of staff, buildings, and so on - the only growth that has any significance in God's plans is the growth of believers. Colin Marshall & Tony Payne, The Trellis and the Vine

Monday, November 18, 2013


God is everywhere, at all times.  If we as believers could begin to truly grasp this truth, then our faith would rise and no circumstance would seem insurmountable, impenetrable or impossible.  A.W. Tozer offers this prayer in his classic work The Knowledge of the Holy:
Our Father, we know that Thou art present with us, but our knowledge is but a figure and shadow of truth and has little of the spiritual savor and inward sweetness such knowledge should afford.  This is for us a great loss and the cause of much weakness of heart.  Help us to make at once such amendment of life as is necessary before we can experience the true meaning of the words "In thy presence is fulness of joy." Amen.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Live For One Another

We should serve one another.  We might have strong feelings for our loved ones that cause us to declare that we would die for them, but that might be the easy way out.  More difficult is keeping the commitment to live for them day after day.
It's a lovely thing to redeem those you love by dying for them.  But maybe living for them until we die is dying for them too.  There is more than one way to die for people. James McGuiggan, Jesus Hero of Thy Soul

Monday, November 4, 2013


If God is ever to count us righteous, he will have to do it on the basis of something other than our own sinful record.  He'll have to do it on the basis of someone else's record, someone who is standing as a substitute for us.  Greg Gilbert, What Is The Gospel?

Thanks be to God, Jesus Christ was our substitute!  Salvation is not earned, nor can it ever be.  It is by faith alone in the work of Christ.