Monday, November 24, 2014


What is more beautiful than the voices of the redeemed, singing the praises of God from their hearts? This article titled Do You Hear the People Sing is a wonderful description of what our corporate worship should look like.  Below is a brief excerpt:

"But only one instrument sings. Only the voice brings words of praise — explicit expressions of God’s power, goodness, mercy, and wonder. Only a human voice declares the truth. A guitar, an organ, and a banjo all communicate something of the glory of God, but even the most beautiful note can’t save anyone. We are desperate for a voice, a word, a lyric that announces good news, that reminds us of the truth we all need."

Monday, November 17, 2014

Unsung Heroes

Since we've been learning about the body of Christ the last couple of Sunday mornings in church, the following article on The Unsung Heroes of the Body of Christ seems highly fitting!  Read the excerpt below and enjoy the full article by clicking HERE.

"...I’ve been just sitting here marveling at how beautiful the church really is.  I’m not even talking about the newly beautified building, although it looks amazing.  I’m talking about the Body of Christ.

"...this weekend I was struck like never before by how much the church needs other types, too.  It needs the nursery workers.  It needs the cooks.  The quiet, smiling watchers who look for needs they can fulfill.  It needs the table wipers.  The nose wipers.  The toilet cleaners.  The church needs the people who will remember to bring the plants inside when it’s going to get cold overnight.  It needs the list-makers.  It needs the huggers and the handy men and the hand holders.

"In fact, all of these people and countless others are essential to the church.  They are the real heartbeat of it.  They are what make things go, what make people feel special and welcomed, what make the children feel loved and safe and maybe just a little spoiled.  These people, these ceaseless title-less workers, they are the very heart and soul of the church."