Wednesday, February 14, 2018

On Hymns

"I think many of the old hymns, the ones that have endured - and plenty of the newer hymns too, actually - tap into a deeper reality than a lot of the more explicitly emotive stuff.  In a strange, way, the old gospel hymns affect us more emotionally by not dealing primarily with how we feel . . . these songs don't make our emotion the primary point.  They make emotion the response to something much sturdier - namely, the gospel."  ~ Jared Wilson, The Imperfect Disciple


  1. Amen, both old and new hymns can reveal who God is to us along with a balance of mostly choruses voicing how we feel or view God.
    I personally love the older hymns put to a modern up beat. We all can benefit from knowing more of God's attributes presented in a moderate volume where we can hear our brother and sisters in Christ singing and praising joyfully next to us. If we are to be good stewards as we are taught by scriptures, should we not be considerate of the tender human God made parts of our hearing.

    1. Yes, the beauty, power, efficacy, and encouragement of any music in church is found in the voices of God's people -
      in preference to instrumentation - telling His story, extolling His character, and proclaiming His Gospel!