In short, we believe in the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the authority of the Bible, the present work of the Holy Spirit, and the value of working together to see God’s Kingdom “on earth, as it is in heaven”.

One of our foremost goals is to be “real” people together—honest about our questions and failings… grateful for the sustaining grace of God…growing somehow each day—whether we’re on the mountaintop of life’s best days or persevering through our most difficult challenges.

Of course, it’s our desire to share with the world the life-giving relationship with Christ we value so much. We are an Assemblies of God church. You may read our Statement of Fundamental Truths here.

As a local congregation, we hold dear the following statements:


...with the continuing evidence of its growth and progress through our local church.

WE VALUE FAITH the foundation and heart of true Christian living.

WE VALUE ALL PEOPLE created in God's image, valued by Christ ast the cost of His life and worthy of love and service.

WE VALUE THE HOLY SPIRIT whose presence and power we learn to live victoriously and love unconditionally.

WE VALUE SCRIPTURE God's Word for all people, inspired and trustworthy, providing direction for daily living and confident hope for the future.